What is FSAE?

Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a professional association
and standards development organization in the engineering industry.
It has a specialized focus on transport sectors including, automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. Every year they host international design competitions in which universities compete and design racecars. Lafayette Motorsports competes in the
Formula Electric Hybrid Event. 



Meet the 2020-2021 Team

The Lafayette Motorsports team is comprised of a group of undergraduate seniors who study at Lafayette College.  These seniors are either Electrical and Computer Engineers or Mechanical Engineers who join together in a class for an interdisciplinary project, demonstrating the experience gained by the team throughout their college experience.

The Faculty Advisors for the 2021 LFEV Team are Professors Nadovich (ECE), Helm (ME).  There are 17 ECEs and 14 MEs on the project team.


Andrew Bachman (ECE)

Thomas Stranick (ECE)

Zach Pitner (ME)

Devin Murphy (ECE)

System Engineers

Ben Surman (ME)

Adam Tunnell (ECE)

Lucas Foulk (ME)

Battery Packs

Tony Xiao (ECE) (Team Lead)

Da Cheng (ECE)

Ethan Miller (ECE)

John Mueller (ME)


Ethan Miller (ECE)

Nathan Beal (ECE)

John Burk (ECE)

Troy Coleman (ECE)

Zack Martin (ECE)

Zhanfan Yu (ECE)

External Panels & Lights (EPAL)

Han Xu (ECE) (Team Lead)

Andrew Bachman (ECE)

Thomas Stranick (ECE)

Chris Mackey (ME)

Drivetrain & Cooling

Matthew Eckhart (ME) (Team Lead)

Bert Atwater (ME)

Lucas Foulk (ME)

Jack Mills (ME)


John Mueller (ME) (Team Lead)

Sam Bluvol (ME)

Chris Mackey (ME)


Irwin Frimpong (ECE) (Team Lead)

Lia Chrysanthopoulos (ECE)

Mithil Shah (ECE)

Adam Tunnell (ECE)

Harrison Walker (ME)

Steering & Suspension

Mike Anderson (ME) (Team Lead)

Jackson Pogue (ME)

Emily Cook (ME)


Ben Surman (ME) (Team Lead)

Devin Murphy (ECE)

Jonathan Rosenblum (ME)