Series I

Series I: Legislative Initiatives, is devoted to materials related to substantial legislative and policy topics. Most topics in this series contain a large amount of material and span many years. This permits the researcher to see the evolution of NGA policy on significant issues. These key issues are reflected in the sub-series divisions. Major subjects, Congressional testimony, important government reports, and major pieces of legislation are highlighted within each sub-series.

Sub-series 1: Budget
Sub-series 2: Crime
Sub-series 3: Education
Sub-series 4: Environment
Sub-series 5: Federalism
Sub-series 6: Government Financing
Sub-series 7: Government Management
Sub-series 8: Health Care and Health Care Reform
Sub-series 9: Infrastructure
Sub-series 10: Intergovernmental Relations
Sub-series 11: Lobbying
Sub-series 12: Mandates
Sub-series 13: Medicaid
Sub-series 14: Regulatory
Sub-series 15: State and Local Relations
Sub-series 16: Taxation
Sub-series 17: Telecommunications
Sub-series 18: Transportation
Sub-series 19: Water
Sub-series 20: Welfare Reform