The Martin Papers are arranged by large topical groupings that are reflective of the major issues that confronted the governors during Martin’s work as lead legislative counsel. The collection is divided into three major series:

Series I: Legislative Issues

Sub-series 1: Budget
Sub-series 2: Crime
Sub-series 3: Education
Sub-series 4: Environment
Sub-series 5: Federalism
Sub-series 6: Government Financing
Sub-series 7: Government Management
Sub-series 8: Health Care and Health Care Reform
Sub-series 9: Infrastructure
Sub-series 10: Intergovernmental Relations
Sub-series 11: Lobbying
Sub-series 12: Mandates
Sub-series 13: Medicaid
Sub-series 14: Regulatory
Sub-series 15: State and Local Relations
Sub-series 16: Taxation
Sub-series 17: Telecommunications
Sub-series 18: Transportation
Sub-series 19: Water
Sub-series 20: Welfare Reform

Series II: Subject Files

Series III: National Governors Association

Within each of the series and sub-series, topics are arranged in alphabetical order. Items in each file are arranged in chronological order, with the earliest dated material appearing first. Those documents with only a month and year date have been placed at the beginning of each month. Items with only a year reference can be found at the end of the year’s run. All undated material, designated as n.d., follows dated materials.