INDS 205: Green Europe: Germany & Austria


This course is designed for students who are interested in environmental issues. Main focus will be on renewable energy sources and how the European countries incorporate these into their energy grid.  Explore to what extent the political, economic, and social development since WWII influenced and shaped environmental concerns in Modern Germany and Austria.  Lectures and discussions will deal with the recent environmental movement in Europe as well as study initiatives that the European Union (EU) has taken toward the goal of a sustainable Europe in the 21st century.


Dated Topic/Activity

Th, 5/17 Departure from JFK Airport to Berlin
Fri, 5/18 Arrival in BERLIN, GERMANY

Introduction to the course

Recommendations for a nice dinner place in Prenzlauer Berg forthcoming.

Sat, 5/19 Morning: WALKING TOUR – 3 1/2 hours
Evening: *) Lecture and Discussion on Modern Germany: “Evolution of an Environmentally Conscious Nation”Lecture and
*) Discussion on current sources of energy “Life Cycle” analysis of common sources of energy

Sun, 5/20 Reichstag Tour
Dinner together (pre-paid), the evening off

Mon, 5/21 Travel to Eastern Germany-Tri-Country Region “Germany
Poland-Czech Republic” called EUROREGION NEISSE
Seifhennersdorf-a village on the border to the CZECH REPUBLIC
Lecture on History and Culture of the Region: Count Zinsendorf and the Protestant movement called Brüdergemeinde or “Moravian Church.” Visit of Herrnhut (its world headquarters)
Visit Grosshennersdorf–Environmental Library and site of politically subversive movement during last years of the GDR.
Dinner together (pre-paid)

Tu, 5/22 “Eco-Program” held at the St. Marienthal Monastery, Center for International

Cooperation & Tour of the ‘Eco’-Model City of Ostritz

Dinner together

Wed, 5/23 Travel to Görlitz on the Neisse River (GERMAN/POLISH Border)

Border Crossing on foot into Polish part of the divided city.

Free to explore Görlitz and the Polish side of the city

Th, 5/24 Travel to LEIPZIG (one night only).

On route: Dresden-historic city tour.

Lecture on “Co-Generation”

Visit of a “Co-generation” Plant

Fri, 5/25 Tour of Environmental Research Labs

Visit to Brownfields-environmental devastation due to coal

production during the East German communist era.

Leave for Munich around 5 pm (3 hour drive) – late arrival in the

evening; Dinner together ?

Sat, 5/26 MUNICH-Lecture and Discussion on “Photovoltaic”

Historical and cultural city tour and

Tour of the environmentally designed International Trade Center

Dinner together (pre-paid)

Sun, 5/27 Lecture on “History & Politics of the Environmental Movement in

Modern Austria: The Role of the ‘Green’ Party.”

Leave for Innsbruck by train, Arrival at our hotel around 5 PM

Dinner together (pre-paid)

Mon, 5/28 3-DAY EXCURSIONS : Water and Alpine Forest Management of the

Wed, 5/30 Austrian and Italian Alps (border crossings into ITALY/South

Tyrol). (Dinners together? =depends where we are in the evening hours, one


Th, 5/31 Leave for SALZBURG by van

Lecture on the Austrian Baroque

Afternoon-Historical & Cultural City Walking Tour,

Dinner together (pre-paid), then evening off

Fri, 6/01 Morning: Excursion to HALLEIN-salt mine

Afternoon: Visit of the Baroque Water Castle Heilbrunn

Evening off

Sat, 6/02 Travel to MELK/LAIMBACH

On Route: Visit of the MAUTHAUSEN Concentration Camp

Dinner together (pre-paid)

Sun, 6/03 Visit of the “Stift Melk”-Baroque monastery

BIKE TOUR along the Danube River/Wine Country and visit

of medieval castle ruins Aggstein overlooking the Danube

Dinner together

Mon, 6/04 Travel in VIENNA

Lecture on “Modern Austria’s Role in the European Union:

Remaining Neutral or joining NATO? That is the Question.”

Dinner together (pre-paid)

Tu, 6/05 Travel to Burgenland: Lake Neusiedler and Hungarian Plains

Dinner together

Wed, 6/06 “Environmental Tour” of Vienna

Evening off

Th, 6/07 Free: See Vienna Day

Dinner together (pre-paid), then evening off

Fri, 6/08 Departure from hotel at 9:30 am

Vienna to JFK via Brussels