Attending Hillel Events

All of our events are open to students. Students may attend most events, like weekly dinner, talks and social programs, for free.  In the instance that we are attending an event off campus (such as a concert or Apple picking) where an entrance fee is required, Hillel will often subsidize the cost, so that students can participate with a considerable discount.

Attending Hillel Board Meetings

Hillel Executive Board meetings are open to anyone who is interested in attending. They are held on Mondays at 12pm in the Buttery Room (Room 221) in upstairs Farinon.  However, due to limited seating in our meeting room, we request that you email our communications team via at least a day prior to the meeting to let us know you would like to attend.

Voting and Running for Board

We hold elections each year for the Executive Board (President and Vice Presidents) in December, and positions run for the calendar year.   Although the executive board is voted in, the general board positions are filled through application.   The general board positions are usually filled at the December elections, but we accept applications throughout the year.  If you are interested in joining the general board after this election time, fill out an application  here and email it to our communications team at  Please include a reason why you’d like to serve as a board member.