Please contact your local police department and inquire about their hiring policies.  For help with
this, feel free to utilize any or all parts of this script to improve your interactions.

Hello, my name is ______ and I live in ______. I’m calling/writing to inquire about the police
department’s hiring process.  Recently, I was informed that many departments are relaxing their
hiring standards to counteract declining recruitment numbers.

1. Has your department relaxed it’s hiring standards or how you recruit candidates?
2. Does your department have restrictions on tattoos or prior drug convictions?  If yes, are you
considering eliminating those restrictions?
3. Does your department work with the FBI to screen potential new hires and secure background
checks on those candidates?
4. Are you aware that many white nationalist hate groups are encouraging their members to get
jobs as police officers?
5. Would you be willing to consult the FBI’s domestic terror threat database when screening new
applicants?  The FBI uses this database to deny access to the National Crime Information Center
(NCIC) database to suspected domestic terrorists.
6. If no, what would it take for you to work with the FBI to effectively screen potential applicants
based on white supremacist and/or nationalist hate group affiliation?

Thank you so much for your time and your efforts to keep EVERYONE in our community safe.