We are going to run it back in 2019.  The Second Annual Lafayette College Debate Cooperative is offering an online track of its NFA-LD summer institute.

WHAT: Daily instruction on NFA-LD using a Discord server.  Students will have access to collaborative research assignments, video lectures, dedicated online staff, and voice chat rooms for practice debates.  The Online LCDC will effectively function as a ‘lab’.  Just like the labs at the LCDC, the online lab will be expected to produce an affirmative/blocks, 1NC/blocks to that affirmative, and a generic negative position specific to the resolution.
WHEN: July 6-July 13, concurrent with the Lafayette College Debate Cooperative.
COST: $150 per person.
HOW: Students may register for LCDC Online until July 6th.  Please register using this form by e-mailing the completed form to lafayettedebate (at) gmail (dot) com.
Checks should be made out to “Lafayette College” and mailed to John Boyer / 30 South College Drive / Simon Center Rm 100 / Easton, PA 18042.


David Bowers, Debate Coach at Kansas City Kansas Community College
Noel Massarelli, Debate Coach at John Carroll University
Jeremy Christensen, Director of Forensics, Davis and Elkins College
John Boyer, Assistant Director of Forensics Activities at Lafayette College


SATURDAY, 6/6 – The topic lecture will be posted in the evening and the first research assignments will be posted.
SUNDAY, MONDAY, 6/7-8 – Daily lectures will be posted and research assignments will become more intense.
TUESDAY, 6/9 – Lectures, lab, and the opportunity to listen to a live demo debate.
WEDNESDAY, 6/10 – All lab assignments are due, and will be reviewable, possible lecture upload.
THURSDAY, FRIDAY, 6/11-12 – Participants should make themselves available for evening practice rounds.
SATURDAY, 6/13 – All day practice rounds based on availability.


Q: Discord?  What is that? 
A: Discord is an integrated voice and text chat server.  Signing up for a free account is required for camp participation.  It can be used ‘in browser’ or as a downloadable ‘program’.  The latter is recommended.  There is also a mobile app for staying involved during the day.

Q: I have a job, can I still do this?
A: Yes.  The curriculum is designed for dedicated students to do in the evening.  Between lectures to listen to and self-guided research based on assignments from the Discord, there will be several hours of work each evening.

Q: Do I have to do this every day?
A: Daily participation is preferred.  However, you can take a day off, provided you discuss what you will do during your day off from the Discord.  You would probably still be expected to make progress on your research assignment(s).

Q: Okay, but how are we going to do practice rounds?
A: The practice round will take place in a voice chat room on Discord.  Each student will be required to have access to a microphone and headphones (to avoid feedback).  Internal microphones will work, but might not be the highest quality.  Speech documents will be shared after each speech in a direct message to the opponent and to the judge.

Q: How do I get assignments and turn them in?
A: There will be a #assignments channel on the Discord.  Claim and discuss assignments inside this channel.  You can also upload (turn in) your documents here for review.

Q: Once I get an account and download Discord, how do I find the server?
A: When your registration and intent to pay the registration fee is confirmed, you will be sent a link that you can use to join the server.