2020 Details
Where: Online via Discord, Zoom, and YouTube
When: July 25-August 1
What: The Lafayette College Debate Cooperative is 7 days of debate lectures, guided topic research, and practice rounds.  The experience culminates in a tournament on Saturday with an exhibition final round.  Participants will leave the cooperative with lecture notes and podcast copies of each lecture, digital copies of all evidence produced, and at least 10 debates under their belts.  Previous participants have compared it to a half semester of work and practice in one week.  The cooperative is a great way to get the jump on the competition and previous participants have used the week as a springboard into deep elimination rounds at NFA Nationals.
Cost: Pay what you can.  Online tuition in 2019 was $150.00
How: Fill out the registration form here. The registration deadline is July 11th, 2020. Late registration requests are permitted with prior notice.

2020 Content Creators and Facilitators, check back for updates
John Boyer – Director of Debate, Lafayette College
Jared Anderson – Director of Forensics, California State University at Sacramento
David Bowers – Director of Forensics, Missouri Valley College
Sam Derrick – Former Lafayette College Debater
Matthew Doggett – Director of Forensics, Hillsdale College
Dustin Greenwalt – Director of Debate, Penn State University
Banafshae Khan – Former Sacramento State Debater and Central Michigan Debate Coach
Noel Massarelli – Debate Coach, John Carroll University
Chad Meadows – Director of Debate, Western Kentucky University
Ryan Monahan – Former Lafayette College Debater
Joseph Packer – Director of Forensics, Central Michigan University

2020 LCDC Schedule

Details are still being worked out, but the schedule is looking like it will be broken into two sessions each day.  The first session will be from 1 pm to 5 pm EST.  The second session will be from 7 pm to 9 pm EST.  The session times are calibrated to facilitate a schedule most compatible across timezones.  The evening time slot will most often involve a lecture.  Practice debates later in the week will mostly occur inside these windows but COULD occur outside of these time windows as needed.

Saturday, August 1st will be the camp tournament.  Participation is not required.  The hours are yet to be determined but might start as early as 10 am EST.


Q: Discord?  What is that? 
A: Discord is an integrated voice and text chat server.  Signing up for a free account is required for camp participation.  It can be used ‘in browser’ or as a downloadable ‘program’.  The latter is recommended.  There is also a mobile app for staying involved during the day.

Q: I have a job, can I still do this?
A: Yes.  The curriculum can accommodate dedicated students willing to work at incompatible times.  Between lectures and self-guided research assignments from the Discord, there will be plenty of work each evening.

Q: Do I have to do this every day?
A: Yes, daily participation is preferred.  However, you can take a day off, provided you discuss what you will do during your day off in the Discord with your facilitator.  You will still be expected to make progress on your research assignment(s).

Q: How will my lab and/or research group meet?
A: Labs will meet using Zoom and/or Discord.  Assignments will be collected and distributed through Discord, but meetings will likely take place on Zoom.

Q: Okay, but how are we going to do practice rounds?
A: The practice round will be organized through the Discord server, but will occur in a Zoom room (using speechdrop.net).  Each student will be required to have access to a microphone and headphones (to avoid feedback).  Internal microphones will work, but might not be the highest quality.

Q: How do I get assignments and turn them in?
A: There will be a #assignments channel on the Discord.  Claim and discuss assignments inside this channel and in your lab group’s Zoom room.  You can also upload (turn in) your documents here for review.

Q: Once I get an account and download Discord, how do I find the server?
A: After the registration deadline has passed, you will be sent a link that you can use to join the server.

Archived 2019 LCDC Details and F.A.Q.

2019 Schedule (for reference)

12:00 pm – Check in
6:00 pm – Topic Lecture

Sunday and Monday
9:00 am – Lecture and Lab Time
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Lab Time
3:30 pm – Lecture
5:30 pm – Dinner

9:00 am – Lecture and Lab Time
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Lab Time
3:30 pm – Demo Debate
5:30 pm – Dinner

9:00 am – Lab Time
12:00 pm – Lunch – ALL LAB ASSIGNMENTS DUE
1:00 pm – Lectures
3:00 pm – Evidence Review and Practice Round Prep
5:30 pm – Dinner

9:00 am – Practice Rounds 1 and 2
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Lectures
3:00 pm – Practice Rounds 3 and 4
5:30 pm – Dinner

9:00 am – Practice Rounds 5 and 6
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Lectures
3:00 pm – Tournament Prep
5:30 pm – Dinner

9:00 am – Camp Tournament Rds 1 and 2
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Camp Tournament Rds 3 and 4
4:00 pm – Exhibition Final Rd
5:30 pm – Dinner

9:00 am – Checkout until 12:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does my 400 dollars cover?  Tuition covers lab instruction and room.  It does not include food.  There are several affordable food options within walking distance.  Camp staff and attendees will carpool to grocery stores for cheaper options.

2. Where are we living?  We have secured Kirby House.  The dorm is air conditioned and has comfortable common spaces to hangout at night.

3. Do I need to bring bedding?  Yes.  To secure a lower rate, we have opted out of linens.  Participants should bring their own bedding.

4. Can I park on campus?  Yes.  Public safety will be notified that our camp is happening.  There is a parking lot in front of and behind Ramer Hall and a parking lot outside of the building we are using for lab.

5. What if I am flying or taking another form of transportation?  If you fly into the Lehigh Valley Airport (ABE), I can help arrange transportation to campus.  If you fly into Newark, there is a bus operated by Trans-Bridge that will take you to downtown Easton.  Someone will be able to pick you up from the bus station.  If you fly into Philadelphia, I cannot guarantee transportation.  Your best option is a bus to Easton.

6. Can I drink alcohol?  The Lafayette College Debate Cooperative is an alcohol-free space.  Alcohol at camp events, activities, and in the dorm will not be tolerated.  Students and staff of a legal drinking age are permitted to drink off campus.  There will be a zero tolerance policy of expulsion without refund if students provide alcohol to underage participants on or off campus.