Light Pollution Taking Toll on Wildlife

This article talks about how light pollution from large cities and places where lights stay on at night hurts nocturnal animals, particularly birds. During migration, birds navigate by using the stars. When light pollution blocks them out, they become disoriented and often fly to their deaths when they try to follow man-made lights instead of the stars. I found this interesting because light is not something that people generally think of as being pollution. We think of greenhouse gasses and plastic, but rarely of city lights. This article puts into perspective how harmful they really can be.

One Response to “Light Pollution Taking Toll on Wildlife

  • Wow this is very interesting. Like you, I had never thought about light as being pollution. That is really sad how the birds are being affected by this. On top of the light pollution I know we are also seeing lots of birds dying from flying into glass windows/buildings. Cities should work on coming up with solutions for these problems, especially because the distinction between night and day is very important for animal routines/migration.

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