I <3 Gilbert's Nachos

While I was attempting to figure out what I wanted to write about for my food journal, I had a sudden craving for Gilbert’s nachos. I was not quite up to braving the walk across the frozen tundra of Lafayette College (which once resembled our quad); however, I realized that writing about the nachos was the next best thing. Now if you aren’t familiar with this heavenly dish, I truly feel bad for you. Hopefully this post will bring you one step closer to experiencing the snack that has forever changed the way I look at nachos.

The nachos are a blend of goodness (chips, cheese, beans, lettuce and beef meat) packed inside a large pizza box.They can be purchased at Gilbert’s Cafe, which stays open until 2am on most nights. The cafe is located under the Kirby House. Essentially, they serve as the ¬†perfect late-night snack or study break. In my short time here at Lafayette, I already have countless memories sharing these divine nachos with friends and new acquaintances.

Not only do the nachos taste great, but they are also reasonably priced. For the large option it costs $8.79. Seeing that the serving size is so generous, it is often most practical to split the cost with two other people. I once made the mistake of ordering a large for four people. Needless to say, this did not meet the needs of my appetite. It is also not unreasonable for me to share a large with one other person, especially after a difficult and famishing practice.

My only complaint of Gilbert’s nachos is that they come standard with black olives. This is one food in particular that my taste buds will not compromise with. My dad also hates olives, so I grew up not eating them. Never having exposure to olives definitely deprived me of acquiring a taste for this fruit. For this reason, its a necessity to place the order without the olives. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget to include this critical detail in the order, which leaves me with the tedious task of handpicking out every single black olive. It is also quite annoying when they include the olives, regardless of one’s request to keep them out, which has been known to happen. I apologize for this tirade against olives, I am just extremely passionate about my Gilbert’s nachos being served at the level of deliciousness that I know they are capable of.

Being a freshmen boy at Lafayette College can sometimes be boring to say the least. We often get left out of Greek¬†life festivities, and struggle to find something to do on the weekends. It has become a joke with my friends that having nachos can save any night, no matter how dull it had been prior to going to Gilbert’s. Having Gilbert’s nachos as a plan B has made the lack of social lives for many freshmen easier to deal with.

Who was I kidding thinking I could write this piece in lieu of eating nachos? Time to get bundled up and make the trek over to Gilbert’s…

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