Course projects in “EGRS 451: The Capstone Seminar in Engineering and Society”

This is the front door for final products in EGRS 451, the capstone seminar in engineering and society at Lafayette College. The class was comprised of students graduating as majors in Engineering Studies.  The eleven projects below are the result of their Spring 2013 projects, each one of which was aimed at demonstrating the interdisciplinary skills of an EGRS major, developing a public presence for those skills, and showing how EGRS majors can lead and push forward public debates about science, technology and engineering in society.

Each project title is followed by an accompanying link to the Project Memo (in *.pdf format).  Those memos summarize the basic research question of the project and provide background context, summary points, and suggestions for future work.  They also include annotated bibliographies of resources for readers interested in finding out more about the topic. Some students produced on-line products (websites, presentations, videos).  Those links also appear after the project title.  Other projects were physical displays (a solar charger model, an event at the Farmer’s Market, e.g.). Students provide information about those displays in the summary memos.

All projects from this semester, along with those from prior years, are also hosted at this site: Engineering Studies Student Research Archive. (Check here to find projects just from last year’s SP12 capstone classes.)

Environmental and community-themed projects
1 | Exploring Easton’s Post-Industrial Landscape [memo] [video]
2 | Green Roof Implementation Study [memo] [website]
3 | Environmental Sustainability and Positive Psychology [memo] [website]
4 | LaFarm-to-Dining Information Management System [memo] [guide] [garden project planner]
5 | Solar Charging for Portable Electronics [memo] [charging station images + poster] [wiring diagram]

Curriculum- and case study-based projects
6 | Development Engineering short course [memo] [syllabus]
7 | Study Abroad Pre-workshop for Engineers [memo] [workshop plan]
8 | An Interdisciplinary Study of Financial Engineering [memo] [website]
9 | An Interdisciplinary Study of 3d Printing [memo] [website]
10 | An Interdisciplinary Study of Brain-Computer Interface Technology [memo, w/out bib.] [website]
11 | Engineering and Entrepreneurship: A Course of Study [memo] [website]
The syllabus for the course is available here.

My thanks to and appreciation for a wide range of community partners and campus contacts that worked with the students: Jason Alley, Carolyn Buckley, Mark Crain, Nicole Crain, Tom DeFazio, Sarah Edmonds, Ed Gamber, Gisella Gisolo, Michael Kelly, Chris Nadovich, Michael Nees, David Shulman, David Stifel, Jim Toia, Dave Veshosky, and Mary Wilford-Hunt. Special thanks to Lijuan Xu for working as the class’s Information Literacy partner at Skillman Library and to Serena Ashmore and Lisa Pezzino for their continuous support and assistance in Acopian.
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