Welcome to the front door for course projects in “EGRS/PSTD 251: The Governance of Technology”

This is the front door for final products in EGRS/PSTD 251, an introductory course in engineering and public policy at Lafayette College. The class was comprised of students majoring in Engineering Studies and Policy Studies.  The nine links below are the result of their Fall 2011 projects on the governance of environmental engineering in the Easton, PA, Lehigh Valley, and broader mid-Atlantic region.  In broad terms, the websites provide the background context of each issue of environment and technology, assess and analyze the current status of the issue, and provide a vision of how local policy makers and affected citizens might proceed from here.

1 | E-Waste@Lafayette
2 | Sustainability at Lafayette College
3 |
Who Cares about Fracking?

4 | Flow and the Lafayette Arts Campus
5 | Green Roofs
6 |
Greywater and Water Management at Lafayette

Food and Land Use
7 | Food Deserts in Easton
8 | Mapping the ‘Locality’ of the Easton Farmer’s Market
9 | Mapping the Lafayette Community Garden

The syllabus for the course is available here.

My extra thanks to Courtney Bentley for assistance in all things I.T. and to Rebecca Rosenbauer for in-class guidance on GIS.
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