Software is currently in development. All source code and a binary distribution will be uploaded to this page when development has been completed.

Here is a preliminary binary distribution of the software. This is a beta version, and does not accurately reflect the final product.

LPARD-TDF-2012 Software

A copy of the shore software SDK is available in archived format:


The source code can be downloaded from a Subversion repository on the Lafayette campus from this URL:


The boat firmware requires the Arduino IDE for downloading over USB to the board.  It was developed using version 0023 of the IDE, and we cannot guarantee the current 1.0 revision will be able to correctly compile and download due to library support.  Due to size restrictions we cannot host a copy of the IDE ourselves.  Note that developing the “libraries” folder will need to be placed in the Arduino sketchbook folder, and that “drone_firmware” is the current active branch – “boat_firmware_tl” is an older version without communication that was saved for reference.