The LPARD-TDF-2012 Team consisted of:

*Aaron Springut  —  Boat Simulation, Error Analysis, Morton Conference

Andrew Ho  —  Infrared Sensors

Charles Thomas —  Software Controller, Manual Control

*Cory Schutz — Acceptance Test Plan, Ultrasound Sensors

+*David Salter —  Acceptance Test Plan, Xbee Interface, I2C Interface

*Ed Epple  —  Analysis Documents, Schedule, PowerManagement

*Greg Busillo  —  Budget, Ultrasound Sensors

*Lauren Firth  —  Website, Software GUI, Boat Simulation

*Mike DiPietro  —  Boat and Shore Packaging, Power Management

*Mike Rupolo  —  Acceptance Test Plan, Software GUI

*Sam Courtney  —  Boat Firmware, Morton Conference


+ denotes Team Captain
* denote Graduating Senior

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