Requirements Analysis

Preliminary reports documenting analysis that demonstrates compliance with any requirement that is not obviously met by the design

Positioning Analysis:

Positioning Error Analysis


Optical Positioning:

IR Sensor Error Calcs

IR Sensor Error Analysis

IR Angle Sensitivity

IR Angle Sensitivity Extras


Ultrasonic Positioning:


UltraSound MaxDelay Analysis


Calibration Timing

Execution Timing

Range Measurements

Range Error

Ultrasound Driver Circuit






Front End Board Layout

Backend Board

Boat Board Layout



ATmega328 User’s Manual (See Page 214 for I2C/TWI)

Calibration Timing

Execution Timing

I2C example


Boat Design

Boat Model

Boat Motor Force Analysis

Boat Friction Analysis

Ardupilot GPS Accuracy Analysis

Ardupilot Accelerometer Accuracy Analysis


Boat Hardware

Accelerometer Accuracy Analysis

Combined Position Sensor Error Analysis

GPS Accuracy Analysis


Power Analysis:

Preliminary Power Analysis

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