For their ECE492 Senior Design project, the ECE Class of 2012 is creating the Tracking and Data Fusion component of the three-year Lafayette Programmable Autonomous River Droid project.

The final system will include a user interface, a closed loop position measurement and control system, as well as a data link that will support end-user environmental or hydrology experiments aboard the boat.



The main goals for the first year of the project are to deliver a fully integrated and operational LPARD-TDF system, the functional capability to track a moving boat platform and combine data from multiple tracking and position sensors yielding a best estimate of the boat’s position and orientation (using a Kalman Filter), a System Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that will support the anticipated system remote control requirements as well as providing acquisition of tracking data and data from an end-user hydrology sensor payload, detailed requirements and specifications for the LPARD boat platform and overall support system adequate for the range of demonstration, diagnostic and operational activities to be conducted by end users, and a safety plan for on-the-water testing.


Shore Station tripods with Ultrasound and Infrared transmitter / receivers




The purpose of this website (besides it being a requirement) is to keep the interested public aware of our progress.

This  Home page is an introduction to the website and our project.

The CDR page holds all of the materials required for our Critical Design Review on March 6, 2012 at 1pm.

The Final Documents page will contain all of our final project documents at the end of the semester.

The Software page will contain the API, SDK, and other relevant software materials as well as a mock-up of the GUI.

The ATR page will hold the Acceptance Test Plan as well as all of the Quality Assurance Audit reports and the analyses for requirements not covered by the test.

The End-User page will hold all of the materials required for an end-user to use and understand our project, including the User Manual.

The Team page lists the names of everyone on the team. It also has a Gallery sub-page with pictures of our project.

The References page is an acknowledgment list of all the people who contributed to the project that were not part of the team.