Data Acquisition Boards


DAQ Usage & Eqautions:

ESS DAQ Voltage Sensor Readings (with equation) (.xls)

Documents & Files for DAQs in SC and ESS:


Fab_3_11_10_v2_Schematic (.pdf)

Fab_3_11_10_v2_PCB (.pdf)

DAQ_Schematic (.zip)

DAQ_PCB (.zip)

Libraries (Dx Designer & PADS) (.zip)

Changes made to DAQ from schematic:

1. R38, R39, R40 not installed (open circuit)

2. C9, C10 jumpered across (short circuit)

3. Zener diode used instead of the DC-DC converter (U4) to generate 5V Low

  • 750 Ohm, 0.25W resistor from 12 Low on U4 to 5V Low on U4
  • 5V Zener diode in place of R15 (oriented with line on diode away from RTN)