ITS Coffee Break #69: Moving Day

On Episode #69 of the ITS Coffee Break hosts Ken Newquist and Courtney Bentley talk about the ITS web site’s move to WordPress and the launch of the new web site for help documentation. They also discuss the upcoming Moodle Hack/Doc Fest at Hampshire College this June and the creation of Lafayette-centric “personas” that can be used to test web applications. In Tech News they talk about tools for paper wireframing, the recent redesign of the Gawker family of blogs, and Adobe’s new Flash-to-HTML5 export tool. Finally in Help News they announce the new ITS events calendar.

Getting the Podcast

ITS News

  • Moving Day
  • Hack/Doc Fest at Hampshire College
  • Creating Lafayette personas
    • Personas are fake people patterned after common roles at the college. They have group memberships, enrollments, etc. so that test out use cases — e.g. we just upgraded Moodle, can our faculty persona see her courses?
    • Suggestions for personas?
      • students, faculty, parents, alumni, prospects?

Tech News

Help News

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