ITS Coffee Break #67: Digress It, Talking Mobile, Strange Rain

On this episode of the ITS Coffee Break hosts Courtney Bentley and Ken Newquist discuss college mobile strategies, announce a change to authentication with Banner Self Service, and review Scribe, a new WordPress installation that uses the Digress It plugin for collaborative editing. In Tech News they take a look at Strange Rain, an interactive fiction app for the iPhone and iPad while in Help News they look at upcoming workshops and TNT sessions.

Getting the Podcast

ITS News

  • Talking mobile. How do you use your smart phone at the college? What things would you like to be able to do?
  • Scribe. Trying out a new WordPress plugin called “” which allows for in-line, paragraph-level commenting.
  • Banner Self Services. Will soon use Network IDs.

Tech News

  • Strange Rain
    • Interesting take on interactive fiction. Strange Rain operates in three modes: rain, words and story. In rain, it’s just an app that let’s rain drops fall onto your iPhone or iPad. With Words, the drops randomly transform into storm-themed words. In Story, the thoughts a protagonist drift across the screen; your goal is to tease out his story.
    • Created by Opertoon.

Help News

  • IT Workshops are now on the Campus Calendar. ITS is piloting signups in the calendar.
  • TNT sessions scheduled. Will be on the calendar soon. First is Lecture Capture on March 3 at noon.
  • Help documentation. How do you find documents on the help site: search, help topics, etc?

Contacting the Show

  • We’re always looking for feedback. You can send a comment to or post a comment below.