Dear Choir Seniors,

We are so proud of all of the things you’ve accomplished at Lafayette in your time here. Each of you has contributed your strengths both to the choral ensembles and the college community as a whole. We will miss your humor, your dedication, your creativity, your passion, and of course, your beautiful voice. Thank you for being you, each and every day, and best of luck with everything in the future. In the absence of your final concert, we want to let you know how impactful you have been to the underclassmen in choir:

Lindsay Altschuler (Mechanical Engineering)

Lindsay, you are such an amazing singer and leader in this choir. Thank you for everything you have done and for being a role model to us all. I will miss you so much next year!

Thank you for accepting me into the alto fam. I was a new alto and didn’t know what I was doing but thankfully, I had you to emulate. You always knew when I wasn’t feeling so great and you gave me the best hugs that always made me feel better. You’re such a genuine person and you’re an incredible leader. Most of all, you’re the kindest friend. I’m going to miss you so so much! ❤️

Ian Anderson (International Affairs & Spanish)

Thanks for being a part of choir, Ian! The basses will miss you dearly.

I will always be grateful for your amazing hugs and sense of humor! You will be missed dearly and are always welcome back to give more hugs! Stay beautiful


Amanda Carey (Economics) 

You are the funniest person I know. Laughing with you made choir a blast. It won’t be the same without you.

From the Mar-Keys to choir, I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to sing with you!! I admire your confidence, your sarcasm and your beautiful voice ❤️ Keep singing girlie, I can’t wait to see the amazing things you go on to do!

Emily Codispoti (Economics & History)

Hey, Em. Thanks for noticing me in choir my freshman year and offering to pref me. I can’t imagine how different my college experience would be if you hadn’t asked me to live with you last year, but I’m so grateful to call you one of my best friends. Love you ❤️

Missing your lovely smile already!! Good luck with everything in the future!

Stella Dong (Math & Economics)


Stella, I’m so glad that you’ve been a part of choir! We will miss your beautiful voice and smile next year, keep on singing 😊

Stella – So glad we got to sing in Portugal together! Best of luck in your future endeavors!


Emily Emick (Music & Economics)

Thank you for being a part of choir, Emily! Choir itself won’t be the same without your amazing voice and your fearless leadership. We will miss you dearly.

A woman who exudes talent and kindness. You are truly one of the sweetest people! I absolutely loved getting to know you over the past year and am so grateful that I did. Thank you for being such a role model and support system for us all. I know you will go on to do great things, but I’ll never forget the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen dance!

Ryan Fainor (Mechanical Engineering)

My dear bass buddy Ryan: thank you so much for being a part of the choir and Chamber Singers community. The last few years would not have been the same without you. You were one of the first people I met at Lafayette and in choir and I will always remember that. The basses will miss you dearly. Best of luck with grad school and go be that fearless engineer that you were always meant to be! I look forward to reuniting with and singing alongside you once again someday in the future in the alumni choir.

Thank you for bringing such a positive energy to choir. You are kind to everyone you meet, and I appreciate that a lot.

Maddie Hoffman (History & French)

Maddie, you are an absolute ray of sunshine and I’m so glad you’ve been a part of choir. I love your hugs and your enthusiasm and your beautiful voice. Good luck with all of things you go on to do in the future!!

I remember my first week of choir and I was really stressed. I just saw you and your smile made me feel safe. It still does at rehearsals. You are just so sweet, a ray of sunshine, a shining star…keep being you!

Celine Lawrence (Government and Law & Philosophy)

Celine, thank you for being an incredible member of the alto section. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to sing with you! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

You’re such a sweet presence in choir and I’m so glad that you’ve been a part of the alto section! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and your dedication to choir. Good luck with everything!


Michelle Leonard (Chemical Engineering)

Hi Michelle! You are such an amazing, supportive, kind, and friendly person. I wanted to thank you for being there for me since I’ve met you, for always making me smile, and for being an all-around great friend! I wish you all the best, wherever you may go.

Thank you for being such a great RA and friend. I’ve loved hearing you sing at church every week. You’ve helped make my college experience at Lafayette amazing and I’m going to miss you so much next year.

Phuong Ly (International Affairs)

I’m glad that you were able to join choir this semester, we have really appreciated your voice and your kindness. Good luck next year and keep singing!

You have such a beautiful voice! Thank you for being a part of choir!!

Sydney Munn (Psychology)

Hi Syd 😊 You’re so cool and I’m glad choir (and then AGD) brought us together. I’ll miss seeing you every Monday and Wednesday next year, but I know you’re going to do great things!

Thank you for all the awesome times! You will be missed ❤️

Camilla Samuelsson (A&S and International Affairs) 

Hey girl! It’s going to be so hard going back to choir without my fellow Soprano 2 struggling by my side! I miss your big heart and wonderful talent! Je t’aime bien ❤️

Camilla, thanks for bringing your beautiful passion and voice to choir!! We are so proud of you and all the work you’ve done at Laf. Best of luck with everything you do!

Matt Schuman (Chemical Engineering)

I’m so glad we bonded through CCS this year. You are one of the funniest people I know. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite like you and that’s a good thing. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you’ll accomplish.

Thank you for being a part of choir Schuman! It’s been fun working with you and I look forward to seeing you in the alumni choir one day.

Nicolette Sonmez (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

You have such a lovely voice and I will miss hearing it every day! Thanks for being wonderfully you ❤️

Thank you for being such a great friend to me. I’ve really enjoyed being in choir with you and being Soprano 1s together. I’m going to miss you so much next year.


Cassie Warrener (Chemical Engineering)

My dear Cassie, I am so glad that we’ve gotten closer! You are a ray of sunshine and I love and miss you so much. Thank you for all that you do.

I know I’m going to miss catching your eye from across the choir room and then laughing because we’re both in the middle of doing something strange at the same time. You are so kind and I wish we’d gotten the chance to talk more. I know I’ll miss you so much.


Ruhao (Amy) Wen (History)

The Mack Wilberg Fan Club won’t be the same without you. I’ll miss having you with me in the alto section!

Amy, thank you for sharing your kind smile, gentle voice, and warm heart with the choir. I’m so glad that we got some time in Portugal to talk and grow closer. Keep singing, and best of luck in the future!