FlightPath model

Release of FlightPath v1.2

FlightPath is a terrain-based model for simulating raptor migration pathways based on the modeled locations of uplift along ridges and mountains.

You’ll need:

  • the FlightPath user’s manual (pdf) (note, a lot of changes have been made since this was produced, such as the addition of a thermal lift capability)
  • the executable file and the DEM datafiles (contact me directly for these)

First put the files in a common folder/directory on your computer. Then extract the archive (right-click on FlightPathdatafiles.7z and select 7-Zip – Extract Here), giving you a file folder named FlightPathdatafiles. If you don’t have the datafiles folder in the same location as the .exe file, you will get a ‘Path not found’ error when you try to run the model. Don’t mess with the stuff in the folder or the model may not run. Double click on FlightpathV12.exe to run the model.

FlightPath will run on a PC, but it crunches a lot of numbers so I highly recommend you have at least 8 GB of RAM and a fast processor. If the domain of interest is 100s-1000s of km then you’ll need something more powerful than a PC.

Please read through the user’s manual before playing with the model or sending me questions about how it works!

Thanks for any feedback you can provide about how the model runs and features you would like to see that aren’t available now. You will no doubt notice that the interface is not real slick or flexible as compared to modern software packages — that’s because I’m not a professional software programmer!

Note: I welcome collaborations to expand the model domain. My primary interest is the Appalachian Mountain chain but the model may also be applied with further modifications to any other region of the world where terrain plays an important role in raptor flight patterns. This may involve adding some new model mechanisms and rules (e.g. water-crossing) depending on the details of the region of interest.

David Brandes
updated Apr 2009

Project funded by Pennsylvania DCNR