Fluids are Cool Gallery

A collection of creative/artistic work depicting or describing the beauty, complexity, and mystery of fluids

This one is for you, fall 2020 virtual fluid mechanicians! Send me your material for extra exam points – if its a photo, it needs to be art rather than a snapshot, and you need a brief descriptive caption. If poetry or short essay or original artwork, no caption required (as in the original work above by Laura Strang ’18).

I’ll kick it off with some haiku of questionable quality, and a nice photo of the Delaware River:

Professor Brandes
doing fluid mechanics
in these COVID days

The swirl of water,
a mystery so complex
I need a coffee

Sunrise and fog at the Milford Bridge, Aug 2017. Cool still mornings and a warm river is the recipe for fog in the river valley – this happens mostly in the fall.