Fluids are Cool Gallery

A collection of creative work depicting the science, beauty, and power of fluids

This one is for you, fall 2017 fluid mechanicians! Send me your material for extra HW points – if its a photo, you need a brief caption describing how it relates to fluid mechanics and related topics. If poetry or original artwork, no caption required (as in the original work above by Laura Strang ’18).


I’ll kick it off with some bad haiku and a photo of the Delaware River:

Professor Brandes
doing fluid mechanics
because its so cool

The swirl of water
a mystery so complex
I need a coffee

Sunrise and fog at the Milford Bridge, Aug 2017. Cool still mornings and a warm river is the recipe for fog in the river valley. DB

The beauty of surface tension at Glen Onoko Falls – submitted by Zack Coleman ’19

Waves lap the NJ shore – submitted by Kara Rosenthal ’19

Parshall Flume at Merrill Creek – submitted by Annika Asplund ’19

Original watercolor of droplets with surface tension – submitted by Shaneena Alabado ’19

Hydraulic jump in outflow from Beltzville Dam. Kinetic energy in supercritical flow is released in the rapid transition to subcritical flow – submitted by Emma Leeds ’19

Water”fall” Skogafoss, Iceland – submitted by Nouman Naveed ’19

“Morning Turbulence”
Oils on canvas submitted by Vanessa Pagano ’19

Wind turbines, Somerset Township, PA – submitted by Amanda Grisante ’19

The Zen of Fluids: Turbulent flow as shown through an Essential Oil Diffuser – submitted by Brynn Fuller-Becker ’19


















FLUIDS ARE COOL: SEMESTER REVIEW – – submitted by Chris Romano ’19

Oh, to be a sheet of laminar flow!
Such peaceful bliss is one that I may never know.
To avoid the harsh eddies that arise in turbulent tow
And instead slide upon brethren as ducks fly in a row.

For streamlines of life are never so easy,
As those defined in our beloved Bernoulli.
For in the hustle and bustle, work and the scurry
Stagnation points escape me as I move in a hurry.

Final exams: They call to me from the calendar.
Taunting, teasing, they scream “Come hither!”
The stress, it mounts, devoicing anxious sobs in my throat.
Pressure rising like hydrostatic force beneath a boat.

– But oh, what’s this?
Could it be divine mercy!
Concepts; lectures – at last to be understood!
Similitude and energy: they save of me what they could!
Free me of the chain that is piezometric head
For elevation? Pressure? EGL, HGL? (Oh do I need to go to bed)
Surely on the test I did not know what was to be said!
Now I sing thanks for sweet fortune’s kiss!
The energy equation’s comfort is one that I will surely miss.

Praise be to the deities of fluids;
For if they were to have pondered the impact that they would have on their posterity, they would never have knew it.
Toricelli and Newton; Euler and Joule
Water thicker than blood in this world where fluids are oh so cool.
The 10 commandments enshrined through table A5
One semester in and I’m just glad the head loss experienced here has not been mine!