Spring 2011 Gallery


Plastic bags like this are not free in Spain - how about it USA?

Sign posted in the Metro train

Visit to Metro Headquarters to hear about their sustainability program

Respect the plants!

Sign in the Natural History museum

Sign at the Catedral de Toledo

We visited the Rio Madrid project, a $600million reclamation of green space and public parks along the Rio Manzanares after the highway was redirected into a tunnel

Separate your recyclables!

Glass recycling bin - lots of these throughout Madrid

Save the Beach trash hotel at Callao plaza demonstrates the trashing of our beaches

no caption necessary

High speed rail (AVE) gets you to most cities in Spain

or you could go by Camel (Morocco, not Spain)

or you could always rent a bike - note recycling bins on the right (Toulouse, France)

with fuel prices like this (X5 to get $/gal), you'd be looking at options besides your car

Field trip to one of the largest wind farms in Europe (Iberdrola's Maranchon site) - fittingly, the wind was not blowing

Fresh, local vegetables - not imported from god knows where, and not wrapped in plastic - what a radical concept!

Solar hot water heater on roof in Tarifa - these systems are very common in Spain.

One advantage of travel by rail - the kids can sprawl out and sleep

Hiking trip to the Sierra de Guadarrama north of Madrid to rejuvinate the soul

Not sure if the morcilla, manchego, and serrano were sustainable, but they definitely hit the spot!