Out with [some of] the old. In with the new.

You are likely visiting this post because you are using a theme or plugin that will be retired on August 6, 2014 and are looking for some tips to transition your site.

What themes will be retired?

  • Default
  • iNove
  • Mandigo
  • Regulus
  • Tarski
  • Viala

What plugins will be retired?

  • Anarchy Media Player: This plugin was installed initially to allow authors to embed YouTube videos and/or audio into a page or post. Now WordPress supports embedding YouTube and audio files natively.
  • Exclude Pages from Navigation: When we first installed WordPress, a site’s menu was created automatically by the order and hierarchy of its pages. The plugin allowed site administrators to omit pages from their menu, but WordPress 3.0 introduced custom menus.

My theme will be retired. What should I do?

  1. Go to your site’s dashboard and click “Themes” under the “Appearance” menu.
  2. Review the themes not scheduled to be retired. You may click the [Live Preview] button to get a sense of what your site would look like using this theme.
  3. Click the [Activate] button to begin using the theme throughout your site. You can easily click the button for a different theme should you change your mind.

Selecting and changing themes tutorial from lynda.lafayette.edu (use your Lafayette Network ID credentials to log in)

I want to learn more about WordPress

I want to learn more about the transition

Please send your questions to Jason Alley, Director of Instructional Technology, at alleyj@lafayette.edu or (610) 330-5884, or leave a comment below.

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