Sites Update 8/14/2013

We’ve deployed a number of updates to Sites:

  • WordPress 3.6: The newest version of WordPress includes new file handling tools (including new audio and video capabilities), post locking, and the new TwentyThirteen base theme.
  • New Themes: We’ve added a number of new themes to Sites. All of the themes are responsive, meaning they’ll adjust dynamically to fit a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone browser. The new themes are: Clean Retina, Emphaino, Landscape, Magazine Basic, Pinboard, Theron Lite, and Untitled. All of them are available by logging into your site, going to the Dashboard, and clicking the “Appearance” link.
  • New Plugins: We’ve added two new plugins, Preserve Code Formatting (which is used to stop WordPress from stripping out white space and characters from programming code) and Mathjax, which allows you to render text and equations using LaTeX.

If you have any problems with Sites after this update, please contact the Help Desk at 610.330.5501 or

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