Interim Trips

“Stopping Traffic”- Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a type of human trafficking described as a “modern-day form of slavery.” Since 2007, the National Human Trafficking Hotline has received reports of 22,191 sex trafficking cases within the United States – although many more cases go unreported. On this service trip, we will take an in depth look at this issue to understand how sex trafficking flourishes as an underground economy in the American society, and look at efforts that have been made to stop this form of slavery and dehumanization. We will focus on the relationship between human rights and human trafficking, and work with an organization that advocates for survivors of sex trafficking and strives to end this exploitation. Participants may not necessarily be in direct contact with survivors because of the need for stable long term volunteers when interacting with survivors. However, participants should be ready to explore how we can be stronger advocates in the fight against sex trafficking through education, law, and service. 

Cost: $400                               Team Leaders: Jocelyn Mizero ’18 and Karla Talley ‘18

**Subject to change: Trip cost may decrease to $200 depending on the location**


“Teaching in the Trees”- Intersectional STEM and Nature Education

Experiential learning is a rare and valuable opportunity. For many kids, this opportunity is not available to them in a year-round setting. We will work to provide a positive living/learning experience for children in 5th-6th grade in an outdoor camp setting. We will be living with and participating in activities with the children, about half of whom come from Title 1 communities. For many of the children, this is their first time away from home, and it provides an incredible opportunity to learn while being immersed in nature and the world around us. 

Cost: $400                                                 Team Leader: Ariana Rothman ‘18


“Cultivating Leadership” – Empowering Women in Developing Countries Through Education

Education has been proven to serve as a valuable asset in alleviating poverty especially within developing countries. Within this male-dominated society, women in the region often lack the necessary resources to escape poverty and violence. Participants will have the unique opportunity to support social mobility of women and have a direct impact within their local community. They will learn about the present conditions of this region and the obstacles that many of these people continue face within the context of development. Moreover, participants will examine the importance of education in functioning as an invaluable tool to alleviating poverty.


Cost: $600                                                Team Leader: Sicheng Weng, ‘18



“Making Reservations” – Native American Communities and Rights

Native Americans have consistently been one of the most marginalized people in America due to processes of colonization. Native American populations have significantly higher rates of alcoholism and suicide than the nation’s average. On this trip, we will be traveling to a Native American reservation, which is one of the most impoverished areas in the United States. We will be supporting where we are needed in the community, whether it is rebuilding a house, building a community garden, or another project. Additionally, we will build relationships with the people who live there and learn about the culture and history of the tribe. The goal is not only to provide aid through work projects, but also to begin to mend a long history of mistrust and mistreatment with positive interactions and cultural exchanges.

Cost:  $400                               Team Leader: Adriana Pero, ‘19


“Why the Caged Bird Sings”– Mass Incarceration and Restorative Justice

Ranging from shows like Orange is the New Black to Law and Order: SVU, the realities and misconceptions about incarceration can often be confused. Genuine interaction with the incarcerated population is needed, and this trip will give you the chance to decipher between fact and fiction of life inside prison. In this trip we will assist correctional facilities in their restorative justice programs, which includes interacting with people incarcerated at different security levels in their rehabilitation process. By volunteering in a correctional facility, our team will be better equipped to be advocates for the reformation of our criminal justice system and deepen our awareness of life inside.

Cost:  $400                                                 Team Leader: Yazmin Baptiste, ‘20