Executive Board 2018-2019





Lindsey Holek, President                                                                                                 

Major: Economics and Psychology minor

Past Trips: Hope and Swamped

Favorite Food: Dumplings

Why is ASB important you?

 ASB has allowed me to meet students at Lafayette that I never would have met otherwise. I have made a lot of great friends that are passionate about having a meaningful impact in the community which is something that gets me excited as well.


Jafar Bhatti, Vice President

Major: Neuroscience

Past Trips: Swamped

Favorite Food: Thai Chicken Fried Rice

Why is ASB important to you?

 ASB is important to me because it gives students the opportunity to learn about the issues facing different communities and then bring those experiences back to our community. I think it enables students to be open-minded, active members of whatever community they are a part of. Being a part of ASB in the past has taught me so much and I am really looking forward to participating in ASB this year!



Talia Baddour, Secretary

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Past Trips: Making Reservations

Favorite Food: Tabouli and Hummus

Why is ASB important to you?

ASB has changed the way I approach unfamiliar territory and has challenged me to ask difficult questions and search hard for answers.  


Angie Orellana, Education Chair

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Past Trips: Intensive Caring 

Favorite Food: Ceviche

Why is ASB important to you?

ASB is important to me because it teaches me and makes me aware of global issues. Not only do I learn about these issues, but I am giving the opportunity to make change.


Brenda Badillo, Education Chair

Major: Psychology

Past Trips: She is going on her first trip this year.

Favorite Food: Enchiladas

Why is ASB important to you?

ASB is important to me because it is a great opportunity to put into practice social mindfulness and active citizenship while working on the social justice issues faced by the communities around us.


Laura Lievre, Finance

Major: Mathematics 

Past Trips: Swamped and TLC

Favorite Food: Watermelon and Ravioli

Why is ASB important to you?

I’ve always been motivated to help in the community, and ASB offers great service opportunities to make a difference.



Kathryn Kavanagh, PR and Marketing

Major/Minor: Environmental Science and International Affairs

Past Trips: Teaching in the Trees

Favorite Food: Mac and cheese

Why is ASB important to you?

Through ASB I have been able to meet so many other Lafayette students who are also passionate about community engagement and service.