Executive Board 2016-2017



President: Emily Lindahl, Class of 2017

Major: Environmental Studies

Past Trips: “What a Disaster” Newark, NJ Spring 2014

Fun Fact: I went abroad to Copenhagen, Denmark!

Why you love ASB: I love ASB because it allows students to break out of the Lafayette bubble because you get to meet new people that you never would otherwise.

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Vice President: Anita Chen, Class of 2019

Major: Government and Law and English Double Major

Past Trips: Team Give Them Hope – New Orleans

Fun Fact: I am a major health nut!

Why you love ASB: ASB has provided myself and countless Lafayette students with the opportunity to experience service, social justice, and activism on a whole different level. I have personally grown tremendously from my experiences on my past trip(s). I hope everyone gets to share and explore the wonderful experience that is ASB! 


Travel Coordinator: Hannah Goldstein, Class of 2017

Major: Engineering Studies Minor: Mechanical Engineering

Past Trips: “What a Disaster” Newark, NJ Spring 2014, “Life after Disaster” New Orleans Spring 2015, “The Saints Go Marching In” New Orleans, Spring 2016

Fun Fact: I am black belt in mix martial arts (Karate).

Why you love ASB: I love ASB because it gives members of Lafayette community to connect over a social topic and to make new friends while also working to give back to a community.


Treasurer: Casey White, Class of 2017

Major: Neuroscience and Art

Past Trips: “HOPE is Vital” Boston, MA Winter 2014

Fun Fact: I climbed Machu Picchu!

Why you love ASB: ASB has given me the opportunity to meet so many people on campus I might not have met otherwise. I love being able to work alongside peers who also enjoy learning about and getting involved in the world around them!


Education: Trisha Agarwal, Class of 2020

Major(s): Computer Science and Mathematics

Past Trips: Interfaith ASB, DC 2016

Fun Fact:  I am obsessed with food and read Spoon University before I go to bed on a daily basis. Also, I am vegetarian. 

Why you love ASB: ASB combines two of my favorite things, community service and understanding and acting on complex social issues. So, it is the perfect thing for me to do! 


Secretary: Lindsey Holek, Class of 2019

Major: Economics

Past Trips: FOSTER Hope in Chicago, IL Interim 2016

Fun Fact: I have a french bulldog.

Why you love ASB: I wanted to get involved with something on campus but also that will impact the community and ASB is the perfect place for that. Also, I’ve met really cool people on campus that I would never have otherwise met!


Fundraising: Emma Horan, Class of 2018

Major: Neuroscience

Past Trips: “Saints Go Marching In” New Orleans, LA Spring 2016 and “Healthy Living” Peru Winter 2017

Fun Fact: I can’t ride a bike.

Why you love ASB: I love ASB because you get to meet and bond with people that you would never have been able to meet otherwise. ASB has helped me grow to become a more active citizen, and has created memories and friendships for a lifetime. 


PR/Marketing: Emma Smith, Class of 2017

Major(s): History, Government & Law 

Current Trips: Mythbusters in Michigan, Spring 2017

Fun Fact: I’m addicted to coffee. I’ve never been further west than Pennsylvania, since we are going to Michigan for our trip this will be an exciting new experience!

Why you love ASB: I am very excited about our trip because it will afford me the opportunity to help to further my aims of working to raise awareness about sexual assault, increase the dialogue, and work in the future to provide support to victims. I’m really looking forward to being able to channel this aim into a service component, while also working to better help to educate others about this important issue.

But we’re also looking to expand our Exec. Board! Check out the “Get Involved” under the “Involvement” tab for more information.


Our Fall 2016 Executive Board Members that are Currently Studying Abroad:


Vice President: Alex Barton, Class of 2018

Major: Psych/A&S and Spanish minor

Past Trips: “Shell Shock” (sea turtle conservation): Costa Rica and “Foster HOPE” (foster care and adoption): Chicago

Fun Fact: My first language was Polish.

Why you love ASB: I love ASB because it connects people and allows you to collectively develop a passion for a social topic and trace that passion to tangible experiences. It pushes you to think about the world more carefully and examine how everything intersects.  


Education Chair: Taha Rohan, Class of 2019

Major: Chemical Engineering and Minor in Economics

Past Trips: “POW” Pards on Wheels in NYC 2016

Fun Fact: I’m part of an a capella group!

Why you love ASB: ASB gives it’s members the opportunity to get first hand exposure regarding a cause they are interested in. I think it takes social awareness to the next level where you really get to live in someone else’s shoes for a week and witness life from their perspective; truly a one-of-a-kind experience!


Fundraising: Sicheng Weng, Class of 2018

Major: Economics

Past Trips: Team Shell Shock: Costa Rica, Team FOSTER Hope: Chicago, IL

Fun Fact: I was born in China and became a naturalized U.S citizen four years ago.

Why you love ASB: ASB has allowed me to constantly find new ways to give back to the community while also allowing me to meet people that I otherwise would not get to meet.


PR/Marketing: Karla Talley, Class of 2018

Major: Government and Law; English Minor

Past Trips: Team Future: Education & immigration reform -Texas

Fun Fact: I am a member of the Precision Step Team on campus.

Why you love ASB: I love the fact that ASB gives students the chance to engage in a community outside of Lafayette while reflecting on ways to bring what is learned back to campus. On top of that, you get the chance to meet amazing people!