President: Alex Barton, Class of 2018

Major: Psych/A&S and Spanish minor

Past Trips: “Shell Shock” (sea turtle conservation) in Costa Rica and “Foster HOPE” (foster care and adoption) in Chicago

Fun Fact: My first language was Polish.

Why you love ASB: I love ASB because it connects people and allows you to collectively develop a passion for a social topic and trace that passion to tangible experiences. It pushes you to think about the world more carefully and examine how everything intersects.  


Vice President: Anita Chen, Class of 2019

Major: Government & Law and English Double Major

Past Trips: Give them Hope in New Orleans Spring 2016, and Intensive Caring in  Peru Winter 2017

Fun Fact: I just came back from studying abroad in London, England!

Why you love ASB: ASB is an incredible organization to get involved in as it teaches you how to work in collaboration with others and introduces you to real issues the impact others in the world. It gives individuals the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and work towards a greater good.



Secretary: Jazmyn Ball, Class of 2020

Major: Anthropology & Sociology and Policy Studies Double Major

Past Trips: Cultivating Leadership in Honduras Winter 2017

Fun Fact: My pants got ripped by a cow in Honduras.

Why you love ASB: ASB brings people together from different backgrounds, but with similar interests. It gives the opportunity to meet new people, while also being fulfilled with the genuine satisfaction you get from service and community engagement.  



Education Chair: Trisha Agarwal, Class of 2020

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Past Trips: Interfaith ASB in Washington DC 2016

Fun Fact:  I am obsessed with food and read Spoon University before I go to bed on a daily basis. Also, I am vegetarian. 

Why you love ASB: ASB combines two of my favorite things, community service, and understanding and acting on complex social issues. So, it is the perfect thing for me to do! 



Fundraising: Emma Horan, Class of 2018

Major: Neuroscience

Past Trips: “Saints Go Marching In” New Orleans, LA Spring 2016 and “Healthy Living” in Peru Winter 2017

Fun Fact: I can’t ride a bike.

Why you love ASB: I love ASB because you get to meet and bond with people that you would never have been able to meet otherwise. ASB has helped me grow to become a more active citizen, and has created memories and friendships for a lifetime. 



Finance: Laura Lievre, Class of 2019

Major/Minor: Math/French

Past Trips: SWAMPED in Everglades, Florida (Invasive Species Removal/Sea Turtle beach clean up)

Fun Fact: I love camping!

Why you love ASB: I’ve always been motivated to do my part in making a difference, and ASB offers great service opportunities to make a difference in different communities around the world. 



PR and Marketing: Blossom Jiang, Class of 2019 

Major/Minor: Biology

Past Trips:  Stopping Traffic in Winter 2017

Fun Fact: I never had my own room until I was a junior in college.

Why you love ASB:  I love ASB because it allows students to get involved in global issues that they probably wouldn’t get the opportunity to do before. It also is just such a cool and different way to spend a break from school. I love how there is a sense of bonding when it comes to going on these trips to do service.