Pretrip thoughts

We leave in only a few days now, and in short I am excited. We know the general idea of the volunteer work we will be doing for the turtles and community, but until you are actually there doing it yourself, you have no idea what is in store ahead. Whatever the future holds for us, my goal is that I am able to make the most of my experience there. I really want to get up early, work my hardest, and hopefully in return come back with a sense of accomplishment, maybe a few more friends, and some change in perspective by putting together our efforts in a place that is so different than where I am from or the Lafayette campus.

Hola Tortugas!

It is only two days until we will be on our flight to Costa Rica to help with sea turtle conservation. I could not be more excited to have this opportunity to volunteer with ASB and with an AWESOME group of people.

We are not looking forward to a 7 am flight, but I’m sure once we arrive that won’t matter. Everyone is beginning to pack and get ready for the trip, and I’ve been brushing up on my Spanish. Stay tuned to hear about everything we are doing in Ostional, Costa Rica!