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Give yourself

Wow it’s been a great week for ASB Boston. I finally made to an ASB trip!! I have had a wonderful trip and the whole experience has been more than what I hoped for. First and foremost, the team was fantastic. I didn’t know most of my other team members but throughout the trip we’ve had much bonding time and have grown together.

Our main service project was with Community Servings, an organization that prepares and delivers meals to the critically ill. We worked in the kitchen in the multiple steps needed to prepare and week’s supply of meals for someone- cutting vegetables, dishing food, labelling meals, packaging meals and traveling around Boston to assist in delivering meals to people at their homes. The environment was friendly and everyone interacted very well.

Having this week of service has been really special. For one, I am more aware of needs that exist in the community. Now that I am been involved with providing help to people through Community Servings, I cannot distance myself from the issues that exist ‘out there’. Having food in the fridge and being able to prepare it for myself are blessings that I often take for granted, but this experience has opened my eyes to what is needed and what is being done about it. I am determined to get involved again in Landis, provided my class schedule allows as well as other service activities. There is no joy and life in a life lived for oneself.

Every small contribution counts in making a difference. Community Servings gives hope to those who need it. Hope that they may lack anything, but they won’t lack food. They are taken care of. We all need this hope, that life is worth living, that we’ll make it and that we are loved. The service project has been an opportunity for me to give others my time and energy and I enjoyed the experience.

Generating Hope

Today was our last day volunteering at Community Servings in Jamaica Plain, MA.  This week has been thoroughly exhausting both physically and emotionally.  What I feel is incredibly unique about this organization is the fact that we as volunteers were able to put together and make the meals for those in need, and also got to see where all of the hard work was going.  I think this is what made our work so rewarding–we saw the direct effects of what we were doing.  It was wonderful getting to work with people with completely different backgrounds, all brought together through a shared interest: doing one’s part in helping community members.  Though it was a short trip, I think that each of our team members developed meaningful relationships, not only among each other, but also with those who we worked with at Community Servings.  I thought it was really great to see the enormous impact that this service has on those living throughout the Boston area.  It provides hope for those who otherwise might feel hopeless, and allows people to give back to community members.  I loved having a role in this process, and loved even more the time I got to spend getting to know my fellow Lafayette students.  Overall, an incredibly rewarding experience that I know will stay with me long after I return to campus.

ASB Boston

OK we figured it out, sorry we are so late to blog. This has been an amazing trip. The students on this trip are awsome and we have all been enjoying our service work.  Community Servings is a non profit group that prepares food for those in the area that are teminally ill. We have scooped, peeled, sliced, labeled, stacked, packed and delivered. Everyone involved has been so friendly and excited about the work/service they are providing. Tomorrow will be our last day of service and I can honestly say we are going to miss those who have mentored and helped us with the porject this week. Way to go ASB Boston!!!

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