Making Reservations at Mount Rushmore

The Making Reservations team stopped at Mount Rushmore on their way to Pine Ridge Reservation! They’ve also met and learned from Lakota elders, participated in an artist lecture, and swung some sledgehammers.  I’d say they’re off to a great start!

Intensive Caring Update

I received an update from Mary Wilford-Hunt: 

We’ve settled nicely into the beautiful town. We had a couple minor transportation glitches, but nothing we couldn’t work though.

Christiana is great and has an activity packed week planned for us.

I’ll post additional updates as I receive them!



A note from Team Shell Shock!

Hi all,

We received word that some parents had called Outward Bound asking for updates about our trip. Everyone is safe and healthy (although maybe a little sunburned after a day at the beach). We landed in San Jose and made our way to base camp about an hour outside of the city. It was near the University of Costa Rica. The following morning we drove to the village, a town known for Olive Ridley turtle nests. Our days have included painting a community center and local church and learning about conservation efforts, including the obstacles turtles face trying to survive. Tonight we had the opportunity to watch turtles being released into the ocean. Tomorrow morning we will head back to base. We will spend our last day in Costa Rica ziplining and exploring the local culture. We have three Outward Bound guides and two faculty members with us at all times.

Everyone is having a fabulous time and we have formed many friendships throughout the week. We miss you and thank you immensely for allowing us to have this experience. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Pura Vida,

Team Shell Shock

P.S. We will not have Internet access after tonight

Shell Shock Update

Team Shell Shock has arrived safely at their destination.  I received email confirmation of their arrival from our community partner, and I also spoke with a very tired team leader after their lunch.  She assured me of their safe arrival and was ready to rest after a long day of travel.  I will post additional updates when available.

Tennessee Trip Update

The Tennessee team is doing great!  I heard from them this morning; they were on their way to go hiking when they had a spot of cell service.  It’s cold, but they’re doing well and enjoying their time with Arleen and Ed.  I will post more updates as they are available.

Team Tennessee Update

Our community partner at Once Upon a Time in Appalachia has confirmed our team’s safe arrival on Saturday evening.  Since they’re off the grid, I’ll post any additional updates I receive.