Happy hump day! It’t the third day of our service and I am still keeping the energy going!
The special project of the day is to create a walking path at the school’s bus stop site for children and staffs to exercise. In the morning session, our team divided into different specialty groups which includes measuring the path’s length, creating footprint stencils, and marking the pathways with chalks. After recess sessions, we continued the project by coating the footprint trace with yellow paints. During recess, I already saw kids walking around the unfinished path, and nothing could compare to the satisfaction that the kids’ smiles can give me.
It stroke me today that it had been an amazing learning experience working with this diverse team. As Mary pointed out during reflection, we have people who are good at maths and calculations, people who excels on the recess soccer fields, and people that are artistically talented. ASB has drawn people from different fields together to tackle the same goal; we divide and conquer!

On the road

First day for our team FITting in — a great team bonding road trip that ended with a lot of laughters.

The morning started out a little grey, rain pouring down when we tried to pile all the packages into the vans. But by the time we got to Durham county in North Carolina, seeing the warm sunset outside the window made our bumpy trip totally worth it. After we settled in, and had a dinner served by our host in Chestnut Ridge, we had more team bonding games in our lodge– Mafia is one of my favorites. “Successfully” being a Mafia until Dale(the narrator) gave out the secrets! We had so many laughters until midnight. And the group made me feel more comfortable to open up myself!

After today, after getting to know each one in the team much better, I cannot wait for the upcoming week and adventure that awaits us!