Post-Trip Post

Being back on Lafayette’s campus right after staying in Costa Rica for 10 hot days has not been easy. All the hard, back-breaking work that we did in C.R. does not at all compare to the time-consuming, mental work at Lafayette. They are both equally difficult but in different ways. I honestly loved every aspect of the experience at C.R. especially the difficult, awkward, rough-life moments that challenged either individuals or us a group.

I remember my pre-trip post saying how much I didn’t know my group and I’m very glad to say that now I feel very comfortable around a good portion of them. I’m honestly very happy about this because I grew in so many different ways and I have found people that I see constantly on Lafayette’s campus but never thought that we would be good friends.

The scenery was unreal, that hot bathing water was so relaxing, the beach and rivers were as close to perfection as possible, and the food was pretty darn good and natural. I can’t compliment this place enough. The sweat that Donald put into this farm is definitely visible. It’s an outstanding place to be.

Running into two scorpions, falling a billion times, and piling the terrible sunscreen helped to make this experience so much richer.

Pre-Trip Post

Less than two days until my trip and I am honestly more nervous that excited. Don’t get me wrong, my first time traveling to a different country other than the Dominican Republic is bound to make me excited. However, since I don’t know what to expect or how to fully prepare, that clouds my excitement. I barely know my team so that definitely adds to the nervousness. Anyone else who applies to ASB, I will definitely try to make them come to the meetings so they can feel a little more comfortable around their team. I would also do all I can do find out why they aren’t coming to meetings. I digress. All this worrying is for nothing but I’m so used to worrying that I don’t know what else to do. Not to mention that I don’t come from the most supportive place. Whatever. That’s never stopped me before, I’ll have fun, even by myself.

On a different note, I don’t have expectations. I want to go in this trip with no preconceived notions or judgments. Let’s do this.

I think this trip will be one of moments in my life I’d probably never forget. Even though I don’t know my team as well as I should and they don’t know me, they will be people that I will always remember and associate with my time in Costa Rica. I’m grateful that although my team leader and I don’t have the best relationship, I’m still a part of the group. Okay well I’m done blabbing right now. See you in a couple weeks! God Bless.