4 on 3

We started our day at the school garden. We spent the morning weeding, cleaning and preparing the garden for the kids to plant in. As the gardening was going on Julia got on her knees proposed to Marissa and Marissa said yes and accepted the grass ring due to lack of better options. I spent the last 10 minutes of this period annoying Bowden just because. After lunch we had recess as usual and it went smoothly. I played penguin tag with first graders and still managed to get tagged two minutes into the game. Forth graders didn’t seem to be very excited about “fishy fishy cross my ocean” but we managed to get some people to play and follow the rules. The rain brought down my energy level but soon recess ended we moved on to making anti bullying posters. Kaitlin’s artistic talents made this process easy and everyone else pretty much traced. However, Dale was eager to take control of his own life so he made the poster without much help. I colored the letters… Our drive back to chestnut Ridge was brightened by Zack’s beautiful voice. After devouring chicken fried rice and pumpkin cheesecake we watched the Lafayette Basketball game. Good job. Nice try boys. We ended the night after reflection and a painful game of mafia.

In 45 mins…

Bowden said we would arrive in 45 mins and we drove for another 2 hours. We spent a whole day crammed in a van with pillows and luggage. I would not have survived if it wasn’t for Dale’s music. Around 7:30pm we made it home to mac & cheese and it was all worth it. Being super exhausted did not stop us from staying up and playing games until 12am. We played mafia for 3 hours and I didn’t get to be mafia once :(

On the bright side, I wasn’t the first one out of ninja ¬†which is usually the case. I don’t remembef much of the late night activities because I was half asleep but stay tuned for updates on our adventure in North Catolina.