Past Trips



Foundations for the Future

Team Leader: Danielle Bellefeuille

Team Si, Se Puede 

Team Leaders: Blossom Jiang and Elert Savinon

Honduras: The Present is Female

Team Leaders: Fanessa de la Rosa and Ayleen Correa

Spring Break:

Hope in Humanity 

Team Leaders: Olivia Grigaux and Maria Ahmed 

Knowing the New Jim Crow 

Team Leaders: Rachel Broder and Abigail Williams 

South Dakota: All of us Are Related

Team Leaders: Adriana Pero and Trisha Agarwal



Honduras: Cultivating Leadership 

Team Leader: Sicheng Weng

Florida: Stopping Traffic

Team Leader: Brianna Braswell 

California: Teaching in the Trees

Team Leader: Ariana Rothman 

Spring Break: 

South Dakota: Making Reservations 

Team Leader: Adriana Pero 

Texas: Why the Caged Bird Sings 

Team Leader: Yazmin Baptiste



Peru: Healthy Living 

Washington D.C.: Interfaith 

Florida: Swamped

Spring Break:

South Dakota: Reservations 

Boston: Mythbusters