2015 AIChE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference – University Of Maryland, College Park

On the weekend of April 10-11th the Lafayette College Chapter of AIChE sent seven students to the AIChE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference at the University of Maryland, College Park. Students attended/participated in professional workshops, poster sessions, information sessions, presentations, the annual ChemE Car Competition and many social events.

Hayden Jarboe ’16, Michael Meshberg ’16 and Danielle Ricciardi ’17 represented the Lafayette College AIChE leadership at the annual Chapter Presidents Meeting. They each made connections with Presidents from many other schools in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The executive board was also represented by AIChE Advisor and Professor, Michael Senra. Professor Senra was a judge in the ChemE Car Competition.

Other members of the Lafayette College AIChE chapter who attended the conference include Rachel Elias ’17, Yehou Gnopo ’15, Long Nguyen ’15 and Christopher Verni ’15. All four members presented posters in the research poster competition highlighting their research during the previous summer and academic year(s). The highlight of the weekend was Long winning co-1st place in the poster competition.

Overall, the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference was full 0f wonderful experiences including learning about the industry and networking with fellow student and professional Chemical Engineers. We look forward to attending the next Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference at the University of Delaware!

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