Below is an abbreviated list of Dr. Addy’s scholarly presentations including invited talks, workshops, symposia and conferences:

Addy, T.M. (2021). Keynote: Where Do We Go From Here? Teaching During COVID-19 and Beyond. RECAP Conference. West Chester University, Virtual. (June 23)

Addy, T.M. (2021). Keynote: Inclusive Teaching as Necessary and Transformative in Higher Education. Luther College, Virtual. (June 21)

Addy, T.M. (2021). Keynote: Inclusive Excellence Summer Assembly. Quinnipiac University, Virtual. (June 9)

Addy, T.M. and Mitchell, K. M. (2021). Inclusive Teaching: Supporting Undergrads and Grads in In-Person and Remote Classrooms and Labs. ASBMB Annual Meeting. (April 30)

Addy, T.M. (2021). Keynote: Where Can We Go From Here? Preparing Instructors to Teach in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond. Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios. Association of American Colleges and Universities, Annual Meeting, Virtual. (January 22)

Addy, T.M., Dube, D., Mitchell, K.A. (2020). A Collaborative Course Tool for Advancing Inclusive Teaching Efforts. Professional and Organizational Development Network Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA. (November)

Addy, T.M., Vick, B. (2020). Consortium-wide Community of Practice for Non-tenure-track Faculty: Examining Sense of Community and Teaching. Professional and Organizational Development Network Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA. (November)

Addy, T.M. and others. (2020). Invited Panelist. Professional Development for Scholars-in-Training: What Career Options Do I Have in Biology Education Research? Society for the Advancement of Biology Teaching. Annual Meeting. (July)

Addy, T.M. (2020). Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ceremony Public Talk. Ohio Northern University. (January)

Addy, T.M. (2019). What Really Matters for Faculty Implementing Inclusive Teaching Approaches.  Professional and Organizational Development Network Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA.  (November)

Addy, T.M. (2019). Keynote Address: The Critical Importance of Inclusive Teaching; Breakout Session: Research-Supported Recommendations for Inclusive Teaching; Keynote Address: Developing a  Powerful, Self-Reflective Teaching Philosophy. Bowie State University Summer Institute. (August)

Addy, T.M. (2019). Keynote Address: Knocking Down Silos: Supporting Students Together and by Association. La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA. (May 23)

Addy, T.M. (2019). Keynote Address: Inclusive Biology Education: Where We Are Now and Where We Could Go. Gordon Research Conference for Undergraduate Biology Research. Theme: Achieving  Widespread Improvement in Undergraduate Education. Bates College. June 23 – 28. Available  at:

Addy, T.M., Frederick, J., Molinaro, M., Ouellett, M. L., & Ross, C. (19 March 2019). Association of  American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). Webinar: The Evolving Contributions of Teaching Centers in Rewriting the Value Narrative of Education. Available at:

Addy, T.M. & Luoma, B. (2018). Yale Ciencia Academy Scientific Teaching Online Workshop. (October).

Addy, T.M. & Dube, D. (2018). Using Gaming and the Case Study Approach to Foster Student Learning. Connecticut Science Educators Annual Conference. Heritage Hotel & Conference Center. Southbury, CT. (November 9-10)

Addy, T.M. & Dube, D. (2018). Integrating Gaming into Case Studies to Foster Student Learning. Association of American Colleges & Universities. 2018 Massachusetts Project Kaleidoscope Regional Network Summer Meeting. Off to a Good Start: Excellence in Teaching Introductory STEM Courses. Salem State University, Salem MA.  (June 15).

Addy, T.M. & Vitale, K. (2018). Inclusive Teaching. Northwestern Connecticut Community College, Winsted, CT. (January 16)

Addy, T.M., Luoma, B., Medina-Guerrero, G., Hammonds-Odie, L., Wick, S., Quintero, O., Segarra, V., Skop, A. (2017). Science Learning for All: Inclusive Teaching Strategies. Cosponsored by the  ASCB Minority Affairs Committee (MAC), Education Committee (EdComm), and Committee for Postdocs and Students (COMPASS). American Society for Cell Biology-EMBO Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. (December 2)

Addy, T.M. (2017). Yale Young Global Scholars Keynote Lecture. Biological and Biomedical Sciences Session, Yale University, New Haven, CT. (July 29)

Addy, T.M. and Graham, M. (2017). Faculty Training on Inclusive Teaching at the Summer Institutes on Scientific Teaching. Gordon Research Conference for Undergraduate Biology Research, Stonehill College, Easton, MA. (July 9 – 14)

Addy, T.M. (2017). Plenary Session II: Scientific Teaching and Assessment. American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Special Symposium, Transforming Undergraduate Education in Molecular Life Sciences, University of Tampa, Tampa, FL. (July 20 – 23)

Addy, T.M. (2017). Reflective Teaching: How We Can Assess Instructional Practices andLearn from the Process? Yale Center for Teaching and Learning STEM Education Seminar Series, New Haven, CT. (February 3)

Addy, T.M. and Dube D. (2016). The Enhancement of Active Learning in the STEM Classroom Using Gaming and Case Studies, Yale Technology Summit, New Haven, CT. (Oct 28)

Rake, K.M., Morrison, L.J. Encandela, J. Addy, T.M., James, R., Bapat, A., Ellman,M.S. (2016). A new competency-based instrument to assess residents’ self-efficacy and knowledge in palliative care.  Medical Education Day at Yale, New Haven, CT. Educational Research Poster Winner (May 19)

Colson, E., Addy, T., Brissette, D., Fahs, D., Gonzalez-Colaso, R., Honan, L., James, R., Kennedy, C.,  Martinez, P., Encandela, J. (2016). An Interprofessional Clinical Experience for 1stYear Students:  Resultsof Pilot 2. Medical Education Day at Yale, New Haven, CT.  (May 19)

Addy, T.  Toolkit for Learning at the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program & Beyond. (2015). Yale University School of Medicine, Summer Medical and Dental Education Program. (June 15)

Addy, T.M., Galerneau, F., Hafler, J. (2015). Faculty Development for Fostering Clinical Reasoning Skillsin Early Medical Students. Poster presented at Medical Education Day at Yale, New Haven, CT.  (May 21)

Addy, T.M. (2012). Implementation of Critical Thinking Exercises in Introductory Biology. National Biology Education Research Symposium. National Association of Biology Teachers Professional Development Conference, Dallas, TX. (Oct 31 – Nov 3)

Addy, T.M. (2012). The Collaborative for Excellence in Learning and Teaching: A Celebration of Faculty Scholars. Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT. (March 5)

Addy, T.M. (2010) An Investigation of Science Faculty with Education Specialties: Combining Teaching Scholarship and Interdisciplinarity. North Carolina State University, College of Education, Math, Science and Technology, Education Research Symposium, Raleigh, NC. (May)

Addy, T. M., & Blanchard, M. R. (2009). Reform in undergraduate science laboratories: Beliefs and practices of graduate teaching assistants following participation in a teacher certificate program.    Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Anaheim, CA. (April 17-21)

Addy, T. M., & Blanchard, M. R. (2009). Assessing the beliefs and practices of university  teaching assistants in the life sciences following participation in a reform-based teacher certificate program. Paper presented at the annual international meeting of the Association for Science Teacher Educators, Hartford, CT. (Jan 7-10)

Sample Testimonial

Thank you so much – your talk was engaging and terrific for touching on key components of the Forum. You seem to have a real comfort level with the technology and its use while attending to the audience through chat – that is a talent supreme.