Student Faculty Committees

Student Government oversees student membership on Student Faculty Committees, and many members of Student Government serve on these committees.

Student Faculty Committee Members 2012-2013

Academic Progress Committee (2)

Athletics Committee (2)

Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee (2)

Diversity Committee (2)

Enrollment Planning Committee (2)

Student Appeals Hearing (4)

Student Conduct Committee (3)

Student Life Committee (2)

Teaching and Learning Committee (2)

Information Technology Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Committee

(Drop off applications at the Student Government Office, or send through Campus Mail to Campus Box #8788)

  • Student Faculty Committee Application to be a Student Associate Representative on a Student-Faculty Committee (process occurs in the Spring of each year)
  • Membership List of the Committees will be made available after the selection of representatives.

Committee Descriptions

Academic Progress Committee

a. Consider all matters of policy concerning scholastic standing of students and make appropriate recommendations to the Faculty;
b. Oversee regulations for departmental honors and academic awards;
c. Receive reports from the Dean of the College or the Registrar on the results of petitions from students for exceptions to the rules
d. Consider appeals or requests for reconsideration of action taken by the Dean or Registrar;
e. Adjudicate cases of alleged academic dishonesty in accordance with the Statement on the Rights and Responsibilities of Students of Lafayette College (Student Handbook)

Athletics Committee

a. Monitor and evaluate intercollegiate and intramural athletics and recreation activities
b. Foster an athletics program consistent with the educational mission of the College
c. Recommend to the Faculty changes in policy related to the athletics program
d. Advise the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Director of Athletics on all matters related to the athletics program and its facilities
e. Annually provide to the Faculty Academic Policy Committee and to the Faculty an evaluation of the academic impact of the athletic scholarships program; this evaluation is to include a statistical description of trends in the academic success of athletes relative to non-athletes and is to track the share of total grant aid that is received by intercollegiate athletes

Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee
a. Evaluate the curriculum and make recommendations to the Faculty concerning curricular policy and curricular changes
b. Evaluate academic advising and make recommendations to the Faculty concerning academic advising policy and practices
c. Recommend and monitor graduation requirements. The Committee will report its actions at the next regular meeting of the Faculty. In such reports, Committee proposals to add, delete, or modify courses or modify the requirements of existing degree programs, majors, or minors shall be considered approved unless specific contrary action is taken at the Faculty meeting at which the report is presented

Diversity Committee

a. Identify and collect information on issues concerning minority and women faculty and students

b. Identify institutional policies and practices and aspects of the general campus climate that may impede or enhance Lafayette’s efforts to recruit and retain women and minority faculty and students

c. Address issues concerning the general campus climate with respect to diversity and promote a greater understanding of the importance of diversity by recommending and/or sponsoring educational programs such as symposia, lectures, brown bags, panel discussions, and workshops;

d. Bring diversity issues to the agendas of relevant Faculty committees.

e. “Diversity” includes, without being exclusive, definitions relating to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability

Enrollment Planning Committee
a. Make policy recommendations to the Faculty on the admission of students to the College
b. Make policy recommendations to the Faculty for recommendation to the Board on the awarding of financial aid to students
c. Monitor the implementation of policy
d. Advise the Director of Financial Aid on the administration of the financial aid program
e. Report annually to the Faculty the targeted admissions ratings for accepted students
f. Explicitly approve the admission of any admission candidate who falls below the targeted ratings
g. Report annually to the Athletics Committee and to the Faculty any instances in which an approved admission candidate who falls below the targeted ratings is offered an athletic scholarship

Student Appeals Hearing

a. Hear appeals of decisions by the Dean of the College, the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Student Conduct Committee, or the Academic Progress Committee
b. Has the power to uphold, reverse, or modify those decisions

Student Conduct Committee

a. Student discipline, which includes relating disciplinary action to the educational process and providing procedural fairness to accused students, individually or collectively. b.Reviewing and recommending to the Faculty and the Vice President for Student Affairs policies and procedures regarding student discipline and conduct at Lafayette College. c.Hearing cases of violation of College regulations by students

Student Life Committee

a. Monitor and evaluate policies related to campus life, including, but not limited to, residence life, dining facilities, and social living groups.

b. Identify areas of concern regarding campus life and make recommendations to the Faculty on those concerns

c. Receive monthly reports from the Vice President for Student Affairs

Teaching and Learning Committee

a. Promote and support:

  1. the improvement of teaching across the College
  2. effective pedagogies and instructional methods
  3. development of courses that contribute to a more inclusive curriculum;
  4. cross-disciplinary conversation about teaching and learning
  5. discussion between faculty and students about teaching and learning based on student assessment of instruction

b. Serve as a resource for peer education and for faculty development through the sponsorship of mentoring programs and non-departmental teaching observation;
c. Review, every three years, the procedures and mechanisms used to evaluate instruction and report to the Faculty
d. Advise the Faculty and the administration on the development, implementation, maintenance, interpretation, and use of student evaluations of teaching.

Information Technology Advisory Committee

Makes recommendations to the Faculty, the administration, and the Dean of Libraries and Information Technology Services about information technology resources, services, policy, and planning.

Library Advisory Committee

Acts in an advisory capacity to the Dean of Libraries and Information Technology Services