Representative Profiles

President: Connor Heinlein ’15

Hometown: Dover, MA

Major: Government & Law and Philosophy

Goal for the year: To provide our student body with a robust and dynamic student experience by increasing the ways Student Government helps students and facilitates student activities


Vice President: Ryan Monahan ’15

Hometown: Cranford, NJ

Major: Government & Law and Philosophy

Goal for the year: To continuously express student concerns to the Deans of the college and the administration


Secretary: Katria Tomko ’16

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ

Major: History and Government & Law

Goal for the year: Communicate student ideas and concerns at meetings in order to improve the general student experience at Lafayette.


Treasurer: Madeleine Hart ’16

Hometown: Lawrenceville NJ

Major: Economics

Goal for the year: Simplify the budgeting policy, increase request response time, and effectively communicate the budgeting process to clubs and organizations


Campus Student Services Chair: Emily Evanko ’16

Hometown: Lebanon Township, NJ

Major: Economics with a Finance Certificate and Philosophy Minor

Goal for the year: Improve the first year experience and Lower Farinon.



Academic Affairs Chair: Jimmy Klimek

Hometown: Oakland, NJ

Major: History and Philosophy, Spanish Minor

Goal for the year: Contribute to an intellectually dynamic and diverse campus environment.


Representation Chair: Abby Williams ’15

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Major: Neuroscience and Policy Studies

Goal for the year: Expand Student Government’s social media presence so that we can better communicate with, connect to, and represent the student body.


Student Life Chair: Ricky Lanzilotti ’16

Hometown: Berwyn, PA

Major: International Affairs

Goal for the year: Create more campus wide events, such as Spring Day and Derby Day.


Multicultural Affairs Chair: Kathryn Tanenbaum 

Hometown: Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Major: Policy Studies

Goal for the year:


Student Organizations Chair: Aaron Little ’16

Hometown: Lafayette, NJ

Major: Biology

Goal for the year: Implement a campus-wide archival system for student clubs and organizations.


Regular Representative: Caroline Bitterly ’17

Hometown: Rumson, New Jersey

Major: Economics

Goal for the year: Unify the different branches of Lafayette–academics, administration, athletics, Greek Life, and clubs–so that we all work together as one.


Regular Representative: Othman Guennoun ’17

Hometown: Tangier, Morocco

Major: Mathematics and Economics

Goal for the year: Make EXCEL research more visible to all students at Lafayette.


Regular Representative: Chad Peterson ’17

Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Major: Civil Engineering

Goal for the year: To better unite our student body through enhanced student activities and events, such as creating a new Lafayette tradition in Derby Day.


Regular Representative: John Walker ’17

Hometown: Plymouth Meeting, PA

Major: International Affairs and French

Goal for the year: Develop programming that encompasses the entire student body as well as building upon past and future traditions to bolster the Lafayette identity.


Regular Representative: Connor Steigerwald 

Hometown: Chatham, NJ

Major: Engineering Studies with Finance Cert.

Goal for the year: Improve the sense of community among Lafayette students.