About Student Government

UPDATE: Have you had a professor who has had a significant impact on your College experience, both in and out of the classroom? Submit your nomination for the SG Superior Teaching Award now to give them the recognition they deserve!

Please take this survey to nominate a professor or professors (up to four). All nominations must be received by April 5th.


UPDATE: See our new ‘Anonymous Virtual Suggestion Box‘.

General body meets at 7:00 pm every Wednesday in 012 Farinon Center while the academic semester is in session – all students are welcome to attend. Budget Committee meets at 7:00 PM every Monday. Meeting times may change; therefore, please check the office door and this website for any updates.

Student Government consists of fifteen representatives, with representing Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior classes (at the time of elections). General elections are held in November, and a subsequent campus-wide election is held to elect a President and Vice President from among the representatives.

About Us: Student government serves as a liaison between the student body, the faculty, and the college. Many of our representatives serve on faculty committees that are organized with Student Government’s support. We maintain open and direct communication with students, faculty, staff, and members of the Board of Trustees. We are also responsible for most of the student organizations on campus, assisting with budgeting, emergency allocations, programming, and more. In addition, Student Government oversees the nominations and elections for both the George Wharton Pepper Prize and the Superior Teaching Award. The bottom line: Student Government is working to help make Lafayette the best it can be.