General Information: Student Government meets at 7:00 PM every Wednesday in 12 Farinon Center. All students are welcome to attend. The Budget Committee meets every Tuesday at 7:00 PM in 12 Farinon Center. Meeting times may change; check our website or bulletin board next to the office for any updates.

Student Government consists of fifteen representatives, with five representatives from each class. General elections are held in November, and a subsequent campus-wide election is held to elect a President and Vice President from among the representatives.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at, send us a message on Facebook, or Tweet at us (@LafStuGov).


About Us: Student government serves as a liaison between the student body, the faculty, and the college. Many of our representatives serve on faculty committees that are organized with Student Government’s support. We maintain open and direct communication with students, faculty, staff, and members of the Board of Trustees. We are also responsible for most of the student organizations on campus, assisting with budgeting, emergency allocations, programming, and more. In addition, Student Government oversees the nominations and elections for both the George Wharton Pepper Prize and the Superior Teaching Award. The bottom line: Student Government is working to help make Lafayette the best it can be.


Student Government Spring 2014 Surveys (Representation and Student Services Committees): The first 500 students to complete 3 Student Government Spring 2014 Surveys will each receive a $5 gift card to Wawa, Skillman Cafe, or Cosmic Cup. Gift cards will be distributed during the last week of classes or first week of finals. All it takes is a few clicks of a button!

The surveys will help Student Government communicate your opinions and suggestions regarding various campus services to the proper school officials. We hope you take this opportunity to earn free food or coffee while having your voice heard! 

Click here for the link to Survey #1

Click here for the link to Survey #2

Click here for the link to Survey #3

Lafayette Derby Day (Student Life Committee): Come one, come all to Lafayette Derby Day. Lafayette Derby Day is a social event on the quad that includes a croquet tournament, bocce ball, corn hole, badminton, free food, live music, and giveaways! Enjoy the warm weather in your best Spring attire or come as you are. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 3 from 11 AM-2 PM on the Quad

Click here for the link to the Facebook Event

New Committees and Opinion Boxes (Student Services Committees): Student Services has been devoted to voicing the opinions of the students to all of the different services (bookstore, post office, dining services, plant operations, and public safety) around campus. This year, we are implementing three new committees in order to improve Baileys Health Center, Plant Operations, and the Bailey’s Counseling center. The Baileys Health Center Committee has been put into place already, and the other two committees are in the works. With these new additions, each service has its own committee that is devoted to the betterment of the service. 

We have also been working to put survey boxes around campus to retrieve compliments and complaints from the students that the committee will relay back to the heads of all of the services.

Student Organizations on Google Drive (Student Organizations Committee): Keeping track of student organization documents is now easier than ever! The Student Organizations Committee has created a folder on Google Drive for each club on campus to which the organizations’ student leaders have access. The folders include each club’s budget request PDF, constitution, and post-event surveys. This digital portal should make leadership transitions and maintaining club records easier and more efficient than ever before!

Click here for the link to the club folders on Google Drive.

Simplified Budget Process (Budget and ECPF Committees): Goodbye long, cumbersome budget PDFs and hello Program Event Request online surveys! For student organizations that host programs and events on campus, the budget process is now completed on an event-by-event basis, known as a Program Event Request. A Basic Annual Budget Request should be completed for other expenses, such as national membership dues, equipment, supplies & uniforms, essential off-campus events (Includes game costs for club sports), general club advertising (fixed at $25), and food for first club meeting (fixed at $75). Should a student organization run out of funds from its Basic Annual Budget  and require further funding, the Emergency Annual Budget Request is available.  

Click here to review the Budgeting Guidelines & Policy.

Academic Club Council and New Peer Mentoring Program (Academic Affairs Committee)