McDonogh Network


The McDonogh Network is an active and engaged networking organization consisting of multiple generations of Lafayette College black alumni and students. The network enriches and informs its constituents through communications, events, and activities that promote their interests on campus and in the community at large. The organization supports and mentors the current black student body by encouraging their academic and social progress and promotes diversity among the student body.

Committees include events, communication, professional development and networking, resource development and fund-raising, ad hoc governance, and recruitment, retention, and reclamation. To get involved, contact Kim Spang, associate vice president for development, (610) 330-5037;

Steering Committee

Chair: Kyara M. Gray ’11
Alumni Liaison: Lawrence L. Lennon ’71

Rexford A. Ahene
Terence L. Byrd ’74
Frank Campbell Jr. ’74
Ciera Eaddy ’14
Vivienne R. Felix ’03
Joseph R. Godwin Jr. ’81
Rawle G. Howard ’96
Frank E. Hyson IV ’81
Chawne M. Kimber
Gregory H. Laborde ’86
Ernest C. Levister Jr. ’58
Britney J. McCoy ’05
John F. McKnight Jr.
Leroy D. Nunery II ’77
Alfonzo B. Owens III ’75
Cynthia Y. Paige ’83
Nkrumah K. Pierre ’06
Jeffrey D. Robinson ’80
Alma R. Scott-Buczak ’74
Jarrett T. Shine ’96
Kristian A. Smith ’13
Carlton J. St. Bernard Jr. ’86
Danyelle Smith ’14
Kristian Anthony Smith ’13
Renee Becton Strickland ’82
Natasha D. Strother ’96
Simmone D. Chaddan Taitt ’04
Winston E. Thompson ’86
Paul Eugene Thurston ’60
George S. Weaver ’72
Sylvia Daniels Weaver ’75
Wendy Wilson-Fall
Daniel Jerry Wooten ’60
Cornell N. Wright ’74
Alvin M. Yearwood ’83
Robert Young ’14