LAFAYETTE 360 is a comprehensive initiative that connects the components of each student’s daily life in ways that increase academic success, enhance a sense of individual fulfillment, and promote active participation in a community that values achievement and engagement.  Viewing students’ intellectual, social, and personal growth from a 360-degree perspective, the initiative is holistic and synergistic in its approach, with the goal of fostering tighter integration among all phases of the undergraduate experience, from academics and residence life to co-curricular initiatives and community engagement.  Laf360 will cover the full four-year arc of each student’s enrollment, with steadily rising expectations for the level of independence and responsibility he or she demonstrates from matriculation through graduation.

Literally as well as symbolically, the Lafayette Quad embodies the College’s vision for Laf360.  With their angles totaling 360 degrees, the Quad’s four sides are bordered by facilities that house the four most prominent elements of the undergraduate experience:

  • Intellectual Inquiry (classrooms, faculty offices, and library)
  • Personal Exploration and Growth (religious life; career services; social/recreational and athletic programming)
  • Living and Learning (residential facilities, special interest and living-learning opportunities, Greek housing, clubs and organizations, dining)
  • Engagement and Service to Others (community engagement and service opportunities, student government)

The four sides of the Quad also symbolize the seamless links that connect the four undergraduate years.  Fittingly, the inaugural and culminating events of a Lafayette student’s career, Opening Convocation and Commencement, take place on the Quad.

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