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Alma Mater
sung by Lafayette Chamber Singers F’11
Lafayette Alma Mater

We’ll gather by the twilight’s glow
In front of old Pardee
In all the world no other scene,
So fair, so dear to me.
Oh Lafayette, Oh Lafayette
To thee our voices raise!
While loyal lips and loyal hearts
Unite to sing thy praise.
We’ll gather by the twilight’s glow
In front of old Pardee
In all the world no other scene,
So fair, so dear to me.

18 Responses to Alumni Info

  1. Charlie Kurowsky '75 says:

    Should be a great weekend! Love the plans so far.

  2. Dee Jacob "74 says:

    Hope to make it!

  3. R Mayer says:

    Will be bitter-sweet without Dr. John Raymond.

  4. Charlie Vogeley says:

    Agreed regarding John Raymond. I am singing today in 2 choirs nearly 40 years later because of him.

  5. Al Holtz '62 says:

    The choir/glee club was a highlight of my four years at Lafayette and was the one organization that I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of and it meant so much to me. Much of this was thanks to the dynamic leadership of the director, Dr. John D. Raymond, who always was a friend as well as a very talented and capable director. It’s great to see the organization is still doing very well – now with women as well as men.

  6. Rob Schwan says:

    I’ll put this date on my bucket list!

  7. Richard Baskwill '60 says:

    Thrilled to see that Lafayette is continuing its strong choral tradition! Singing under the direction of Dr. John Raymond was an inspiration that has kept me singing for over 50 years!

  8. Bill Kirby '59 says:

    Already looking forward to it!

  9. Chad Pistell '74 says:

    What a great idea this is. I am still singing at age 60, and I may be able to attend if I can work in a trip east. I sang with the Graduates back in the late 1980′s.

  10. Richard N. Bernard '63 says:

    I’m hoping to attend the reunion in March. Just took up singing in a chorus again after a 30 year hiatus…it all comes back, like riding a bicycle…strong, positive memories of singing in the choir at Lafayette were also of the highlights of my four years at Lafayette. Are there any new details about signing up for the March 15-16 event?

  11. kellyjw says:

    We are so pleased to learn of everyone’s interest in this event! So far, we have received over 125 positive replies. Just a reminder that the choral reunion is in 2013, (not this coming March of 2012). We will send out more information as it becomes available. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

  12. Don Miller '67 says:

    Any chance part of the reunion could be a men’s only glee club singing the songs that inspired us under Dr. John Raymond? Like the Battle Hymn, My Gal Sal, etc and the college songs?

  13. Susan Fleming ('78) Bence says:

    I was hoping to attend the reunion, but will be rehearsing, then singing in the chorus for a Faure Requiem performance at Carnegie Hall on 3/17. I sing in the Michigan State University Choral Union and our director is conducting the Requiem. All these many years later I still enjoy choral singing and have many fond memories of Lafayette Meistersingers.

  14. Rick Mayer '73 says:

    In the midst of Hurricane Agnes’ ROTC summer camp basic training, we lunched in a soggy open meadow. I don’t know who started but we gathered and sang (Randell Thompson’s arrangement?) “Battle Hymmn.” Having found a brotherhood, we arranged ourselves in vocal sections. I was honored to co-lead a performance for our co-trainees.

  15. Donald Mildrum '53 says:

    Hope to see some of the singers of my vintage, if any are left. Also hope to see some of the “Graduates” bunch, of which I am a charter member. In any case, I can’t think of anything I would rather do than sing good music with good singers.

  16. Scott Stringham '78 says:

    I have not been on campus since 1982. Looking forward to singing once again at Lafayette.

  17. As some of you know, John had a major impact on my life at Lafayette and we were fast friends in after-years. I have music conflicts Choir Reunion weekend. Best wishes to all for what undoubtedly will be a beautiful and joyous experience for you.
    June College Reunion ’13 might be possible for me, and I hope for seeing you then.
    George Jarden, ’58

  18. Tom Rarich '64 says:

    Looking forward to the weekend, singing again in Easton, and returning to Lafayette. I have fond memories of singing with John Raymond and traveling on semester breaks with the choir. I’ve continued to sing 1st tenor for the 49 years since Lafayette, in both church choir and men’s octet.

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